Office of Industry Engagement

We know your business faces new problems every day, and we want to partner with you to create the right solutions that will help your business thrive. From pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to solar energy and field crops, we offer a wide range of research expertise. Let us help you find the right people for your project.

Office of Industry Engagement

Student Projects

Project-based learning opportunities offer students a hands-on experience to extend their learning beyond the classroom and engage in real-world applications. These projects offer organizations the opportunity to access and recruit UGA student talent for their workforce and find closer connections to the university.

Whatever skill set you’re interested in or areas of experience you have in mind, we have options to help you. Contact us for help in finding the right program for your needs.

New Media Capstone Exploration

The New Media Capstone Exploration course is a semester-long course that allows students to build an interactive digital product that address a specific client problem or opportunity. Students utilize all the skills gained throughout their New Media Certificate journey to develop, design, and debut these projects to their client at the end of the semester. In return, clients are able to provide students with valuable, engaging educational and professional experience and have a collection of future talent to recruit to their organizations.

Terry College of Business

Terry students partner with top companies to help craft innovative solutions to real-world business problems. As a corporate partner, you have a unique opportunity to access, engage with and recruit new talent from our programs. With outstanding faculty oversight, these project-based learning opportunities give our students meaningful experience and add value to your business. The list of project opportunities and contact information is available here.

Helping Small Business with IT-Challenges

Small businesses that have traditionally relied on in-person interaction have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. This summer, the MIS Department of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia is providing an opportunity for small businesses to involve students in projects related to their technology acumen or online presence. The focus will be on solving a technology problem or helping a business better leverage their current technology investments.

For more information, contact Dr. Maric Boudreau, MIS Department Head.

Innovation at Work

  • Industry Partnerships

    The University of Georgia is partnering with Absolute Antibody, a biotechnology company specializing in antibody sequencing and reagent production, to translate UGA research into products that can be used in therapeutic and medical applications.

    The partnership with the U.K.-based company will enable the quick transfer of UGA-developed antibodies into numerous products for the research and diagnostic communities. This collaboration both increases the commercial availability of UGA-developed antibodies and enables scientists to use the products in new ways, with applications ranging from infectious disease studies to thyroid regulation research.

  • Social Innovation

    By engaging UGA students in project-based learning, companies can leverage the talent and know-how of our students and tap into a talent pipeline.

    As an MBA student, Nathan Stuck helped Atlanta-based tech services firm Ad Victoriam Solutions fulfill its founder’s vision to become a socially conscious company. Companies can become certified B Corporations by undergoing a rigorous audit that looks at a company’s impact on its community, environment, workforce, and customers.

    In the process, Stuck not only helped Ad Victoriam achieve its goal, but he also landed a job as director of corporate culture.

    Through the MBA program’s new area of focus in Social Innovation, students have helped organizations such as Imery Group, Ad Victoriam Solutions, and Creature Comforts Brewing Co. with their B Corp certification initiatives.

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