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Find out what’s new with the Innovation District initiative. And see how our faculty and students are creating novel solutions.

UGA Research Addresses the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate the U.S. and much of the rest of the world, researchers at the University of Georgia are hard at work to find solutions to halt the virus.

Students to Help Businesses with IT Challenges

The MIS Department of the Terry College of Business is providing an opportunity for small businesses to involve students in projects related to their technology acumen or online presence. Each project will be carried out by a student (or team of students) under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The focus will be on solving […]

Student brews up alcohol detector device

University of Georgia student Nick Robertson’s side hustle of brewing and selling the fermented health drink kombucha was going great until he ran into a problem. One he was determined to solve with a little bit of ingenuity.

UGA creates medical face shields

The shields, which help protect health care providers from droplets, aerosols and other contaminants while treating patients, are being produced through a collaboration that includes the UGA College of Engineering, UGA Libraries and the Instrument Design and Fabrication Shop.

Innovation District takes shape

To connect this activity and amplify it, the university has launched the Innovation District initiative: a vision for a dynamic ecosystem of places, programs, and people all working together to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and experiential learning.

Top 5 for new products to market

Research at the University of Georgia led to 50 new products being introduced to the market in fiscal year 2018, ranking UGA No. 2 among all U.S. universities and colleges for this important metric.

Innovation bootcamp

New program earns high marks

“I realize more and more that the value of my research is maximized when I consider it all the way to the end user,” said Julianne Schmidt, associate professor in the College of Education and co-director of both its Concussion Research and Biomechanics laboratories.

Delta commits $5 million to innovation, engineering

The University of Georgia will take a major step forward in its Innovation District initiative and enhance the College of Engineering, thanks to a $5 million gift from The Delta Air Lines Foundation.

Startup 101

As UGA commits to the promise of innovation, one program is helping entrepreneurs get their startups off the ground.

License to Innovate

This cycle of IP licensing and commercialization has been going strong at UGA for four decades, longer than all but a few university peers, and it is central to the university’s Innovation District initiative.